Connecting Effective Global Partners

Humanize Global is a global affairs research organization – a think tank – committed to informing the public and connecting global partners for effective decision-making. We focus on research, analysis, and recommendations on economics, law, security, law enforcement, society and culture particularly on the Middle East. Similarly, we provide an in-depth understanding of the political, economic and social trends taking place in the United States as it relates to the Middle East.

Through analytical briefs, research and task force reports, and conferences, Humanize Global works to provide a comprehensive grasp and understanding of complexities of the region. The organizations draws on its network of experts in the Middle East, the United States, and Europe, to help enhance the decision-making of the public and decision-makers in their roles as companies, government agencies, and NGOs with interests in the region. We believe in effective engagement and partnership in the global community, through reliable research and dedicated collaboration.

Humanize global is focused on building bridges of communication and intellectual thought to help leaders make better policies and enhance decision making. Our team members, affiliates and partners have proven track records in the field of global affairs. Together, we envision only the best results when we work with one another to become the effective global partners we ought to be.