Energy Conference in Baghdad

Iraq Energy Academy Baghdad, Iraq

Partnering with the Iraq Energy Academy, Humanize Global sponsored an energy conference on pressing issues for Iraq's energy sector.


Iraq Energy Academy
Baghdad, Iraq

Focus of the Conference

The status of energy infrastructure in Iraq is a significant subject. Even though Iraq is in crisis in security terms, the fundamental nature of Iraq’s energy sector is uncompromising. The discourse on the energy infrastructure of Iraq was instrumental to the intellectual and political community of Iraq, as well as the experts from the region weighing in on the issues. In this discourse the following questions were highlighted: What are points of improvement in energy infrastructure that are needed to make Iraq’s energy sector more effective? Moreover, what are practical steps and points of recommendation that can be taken to implement improvement?

The potential for expanding Iraq's energy services is great. There are great opportunities here. With the right partners and a balanced plan, we can make a lot happen.

Additional Discussions

The ISIS invasion of Iraq and its terrorist presence that continues to threaten Iraq’s sovereignty, society and economy has surely taken a toll on Iraq’s energy sector. But how exactly has the current security situation affected Iraq’s energy sector? The discussions also addressed the following questions: What are the ramifications of Iraq’s weakened security and how can Iraq utilize its economy to rise from the current crisis? Or is security the dominant factor in determining the status and health of Iraq’s energy? What do members from both the security and energy sectors need to know in regards to this relationship? What are the ongoing challenges and possible solutions to the current crisis?