The Future of Iraq Forum

Al-Rasheed Hotel International Zone Baghdad, Iraq

Humanize Global held the 2015 Future of Iraq Forum in partnership with the Iraqi Parliament and several Iraqi institutions in Baghdad, including Nahrain University and the Center for Iraqi

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Al-Rasheed Hotel
International Zone
Baghdad, Iraq

The Future of Iraq Forum

Opened by His Excellency Dr. Salim Al-Jabouri, the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, the forum examined key subjects relating to strategy, economics, governance and security in Iraq after ISIS. Experts in the forum engaged in discussions on security and law enforcement after ISIS, rehabilitation of liberated areas in Iraq, national reconciliation and the future of governance in Iraq, and the economic cornerstones of political stability for Iraq in the region.

Humanize Global and its proud partners made it a priority to work with Iraqi and American experts to hold increasingly important economic and political discussions relating to future planning for security in Iraq.

Through the discussions presented by the forum, a greater understanding was developed on the current infrastructure capabilities, identification of key gaps, and potential synergies for enhanced cooperation between Iraq and regional and global partners.

We look ahead to building and enhancing networks that engage experts in cooperatively advancing the use of data-informed policies and strategies. This is intended towards the next step in stabilizing Iraq and enhancing dialogue for Iraq’s unity reconciliation.

We encouraged our guests to use this forum to build their networks and identify additional resources to support their efforts. We supported those present in their return to their institutions, equipped with tools and strategies they can apply to build on existing knowledge of security and enhancement in Iraq.