Roundtable at CISA

Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Private Roundtable at CISA

The Center for Iraq Strategy and Analysis hosted Humanize Global’s Director Haidar Al-Aloom in a private roundtable with a group of Iraqi analysts and policy experts. In the session, Humanize Global provided insight on the importance of on the ground research and studying the security and economic situation in Iraq critically to better project outcomes and avoid past mistakes in the country and the region at large.

CISA is a public policy research institution - a think tank - dedicated to promoting a culture of research, analysis, objectivity, and strategic thinking for Iraq. The institute's scholars and analysts conduct independent, nonpartisan research and analysis on a wide range of policy issues related to Iraq and the region.

Iraq has much to offer. Economic investment is key. If we can provide people with opportunities for employment and education, extremism will naturally decrease and security will increase.

Objectives of the event

CISA is a strategic partner in Iraq, given its team of experts and analysts along with its on the ground presence in assessing and studying developments in Iraq as it relates to its the nation's future.