Sep 02

Humanize Global will be holding a policy forum titled "The Future of Iraq: A Roundtable Forum," in partnership with the Center for Iraq Strategy and Analysis (CISA) and with proud sponsorship from the Iraqi Parliament, Nahrain University, and Al-Hakeem Foundation.

Jun 30

Humanize Global directors held a discourse with the leadership at Alamayn Institute on projects for development in civil society, education, and capacity planning to contribute to the long-term strategy of building a stronger Iraq.

May 15

The Center for Iraq Strategy and Analysis hosted Humanize Global for a private roundtable with its analysts and policy experts. The firm provided insight on the importance of on the ground research and studying the security and economic situation in Iraq critically to better project outcomes and avoid past mistakes in the country and the region at large

Mar 24

The status of energy infrastructure in Iraq is a significant subject. Even though Iraq is in crisis in security terms, the fundamental nature of Iraq’s energy sector is uncompromising. Partnering with the Iraq Energy Academy, Humanize Global sponsored an energy conference on pressing issues for Iraq's energy sector.